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- State nine - or will lead to blowout prompted investors to

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"National nine" or will lead to blowout prompted investors to regain confidence prompting investors to regain confidence leading speculative capital into the entity "country nine" or will lead to blowout Chinese Academy of Social Sciences r
"National nine" or will lead to blowout prompted investors to regain confidence
prompting investors to regain confidence leading speculative capital into the entity "country nine" or will lead to blowout Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released the "China Financial Development Report (2014)," that in 2014 China's stock market will face in 1999 In a similar policy environment, the possibility of the stock market again in 1999, "5.19" in the market, such as the increase. With the stock market this year again sadly came to an end in 2014, A-share market could be achieved bottomed out, rising to become the starting point of a new bull market baccarat online gambling has been back together to build a casino gaming network? In this regard, experts believe that, recently, the State Council issued the "National Nine" to be designed from the top to protect small investors, the capital market is significant, investors will regain confidence in the stock market, the stock market in the future, or will lead to a new round up. The new regulations lay the foundation of the State Council issued a long-term bull market "to further strengthen the capital market protection of the legitimate interests of small investors view", equity capital markets for small and medium investors to protect institutional system to build a comprehensive, 80 from nine areas identified a number of policy initiative, called the market "National Nine." Market generally "National Nine" spoke highly of some analysts believe that 2004 is the "old country Nine" is an important factor in the birth in 2006 of the bull market, the new "National Nine," the introduction significance comparable to the "old country nine, "or will lay the foundation for a new round of long-term bull market. In this regard, Finance and Securities Institute, Wuhan University of Science and Technology Dong Teng new that the "nine new countries" and "nine old country," the biggest difference is the different policy backgrounds, "nine new countries" is clearly the Third Plenary Session of the eighth After the decisive role of the market release of its emphasis on the strengthening of capital markets to protect the legitimate interests of small investors and the corresponding importance of work arrangements. In the case of the current A-share market is at the bottom of the nine new countries to regain investor confidence entrusted with the real estate speculative capital fried gold import capital markets or the real economy, and thus support the great historical mission of Industrial and prosperous. "The new National Nine" is the mobilization of the whole society, it sounded the clarion call to fight to protect investors, it will be a major long-term positive capital market, or it can start the first round of China "Manniu" new journey. New upswing can be expected in fact, after a few years after the bear market, China's stock market in 2014, "the bear turn cow" is also full of expectations. State Information Center released a report had also expected that 2014 will be the focus of the A-share market price on the move, and possibly into the next bull market. State Information Center, said senior economist Xuping Sheng, 2014 despite some financial pressure, but continued to fall and remain low share price makes the A-share market has been at a very low level of valuation levels, A-share market valuations and dividend yields already have considerable investment value, both to provide a greater margin of safety for the market, but also to provide a larger space for future expansion of the stock market run, attractive A-share market are increasing. "As long as investors regain confidence in the capital markets would lead to prosperity, the stock market will have to take the cattle hope." Dong Teng new that, compared to foreign stock markets continue to hit record highs, A shares are still hovering at the bottom, running from both A shares cycle or a technical perspective, the basic trend of the stock market next year should be a firm upward, but not too fierce one-time gains, not one step, there may be twists and turns upward. Because our industry "to capacity" arduous task of economic restructuring, industrial upgrading is still facing many difficulties. In addition, IPO Deal registration system has begun to transition from the approval system, beginning next year and the new delisting system fully effective, these will effectively blocking "fast bull" or "mad cow" appearance. Instead, they will help Chinese-style "Manniu" go more stable farther. Market calls for "National Nine," the promulgation of a rigid system, despite making the future of Chinese investors into the healthy and orderly development of capital markets in order to hold great promise, but it seems there are still financial commentator Pi Haizhou inadequacies. He said: "The lack of collective litigation system, it is difficult to truly protect investors and the protection of investors and the need to implement the system in actual Otherwise, the stock market still does not change misappropriating routine ..." Capital Securities Research and Development Department, deputy general manager Wang Jianhui also pointed out that "the country nine" principle requires that the proposed technical aspects involved in the long-term chronic illness plagued the capital market, to solve short span of time. If you can step by step gradually implemented, will greatly improve the market environment, the development of listed companies, the establishment of equal and transparent real "capital friendly" investment culture, investment and financing to enhance the efficiency of capital markets. Priority now is to optimize the return on investment mechanisms to improve the right to information and the right to vote and to enhance the confidence of small investors fundamentally. "From the New Deal to the new IPO delisting system, improve the information disclosure system from the protection of the legitimate interests of investors, in fact, all this reform initiatives are working toward a common goal of market force." Dong Teng said that the goal is to reshape stock market confidence, enhance the attractiveness of the capital market, will all underground funds, private hot money, as well as gold and other real estate speculation speculative capital import direct financing platform (including OTC), bigger and stronger capital markets, banking resolve the huge pressures and potential credit risk , and thus make the capital market as an economic restructuring and industrial upgrading an important link or hub. A shares "Manniu" start a new journey, on foot, in front, perhaps after the IPO 2014 January restart. (Heineken International reporter Zhou Yuan) html模版"国九条"或将引发井喷行情 促使投资者重拾信心
促使投资者重拾信心 引领投机资本入实体  “国九条”或将引发井喷行情  中国社科院近日发布《中国金融发展报告(2014)》认为,2014年我国股票市场将面临与1999年类似的政策环境,股市再次出现诸如1999年“5·19”行情的可能性在增大。随着今年股市再度黯然落下帷幕,2014年A股市场能否实现触底反弹,成为新一轮牛市上涨的起点网上赌博回百家乐已博彩网共同打造娱乐城?对此,专家认为,近日,国务院发布的“国九条”从顶层设计上对中小投资者予以保护,对资本市场意义重大,将使投资者重拾对股市的信心,未来或将引发股市新一轮上涨。  新规奠定长期牛市基础  国务院发布《关于进一步加强资本市场中小投资者合法权益保护工作的意见》,对资本市场中小投资者权益保护的制度体系进行了全面构建,从九方面明确了80多项政策举措,被市场称为“国九条”。  市场普遍对“国九条”给予高度评价,有分析认为,2004年的“老国九条”是催生2006年大牛市的重要因素,此次的新“国九条”的推出,意义堪比“老国九条”,或将奠定新一轮长期牛市的基础。  对此,武汉科技大学金融证券研究所所长董登新认为,“新国九条”与“老国九条”的最大不同是政策背景的不同,“新国九条”是在十八届三中全会明确了市场的决定性作用后发布的,它重点强调了加强资本市场中小投资者合法权益保护的重要性及相应工作部署。在目前A股市场处于底部的情况下,新国九条肩负着重拾投资者信心、将炒房炒金的投机资本导入资本市场或实体经济,进而支持实业兴邦的重大历史使命。“新国九条”是全社会总动员,它吹响了保护投资者的战斗号角,这将是资本市场的重大长期利好,它或可启动第一轮中国“慢牛”的新征程。  新一轮上涨行情可期  事实上,在历经几年熊市之后,市场对2014年中国股市“由熊转牛”也充满期待。国家信息中心此前也发布报告预计,2014年A股市场价格重心将会上移,并有可能进入下一轮牛市。  国家信息中心高级经济师徐平生表示,2014年尽管面临一定的资金压力,但持续下跌并处于低位的股价使得A股市场估值水平已处于极低水平,A股市场整体估值水平和股息率都已具备相当大的投资价值,既为市场提供了较大的安全边际,又为未来的行情运行提供了较大的拓展空间,A股市场的吸引力日益提高。  “只要投资者重拾信心,资本市场就会走向繁荣,股市就有走牛的希望。”董登新认为,相比国外股市不断创出历史新高,A股目前仍在底部徘徊,无论从A股运行周期或技术层面看,我国股市明年的基本走势应该是坚定向上的,但一次性涨幅不会太猛,更不会一步到位,有可能是曲折向上的。因为我国工业“去产能”任务还很艰巨,经济转型、产业升级仍面临许多困难。此外,IPO新政已开始由核准制向注册制过渡,并且新退市制度明年开始全面发挥功效,这些都会有效阻击“快牛”或“疯牛”的出现。相反,它们将有助于中国式“慢牛”走得更稳更远。  市场呼唤刚性制度  “国九条”的颁布,尽管使得投资者对未来中国资本市场进入健康有序发展抱以巨大希望,但在财经评论员皮海洲看来仍有不足之处。他说:“缺少集体诉讼制度,很难真正保护投资者。而且保护投资者,需要落实在实际的制度上。否则,股市依然不改圈钱套路。”  首创证券研究发展部副总经理王剑辉也指出,“国九条”在技术层面提出的原则要求涉及长期困扰资本市场的痼疾,解决起来非一朝一夕之功。如果能一步一个脚印地逐步落实,将会极大地改善市场环境,规范上市公司的发展,真正建立平等透明的“资本友好型”投资文化,提升资本市场的投融资效率。目前当务之急是优化投资回报机制和改善知情权和表决权,从根本上提升中小投资者的信心。  “从IPO新政到新退市制度,从信息披露制度完善到投资者合法权益保护,实际上,这一切改革举措都在朝着一个共同的市场目标发力。”董登新表示,这个目标就是重塑股市信心,提升资本市场吸引力,将所有地下资金、民间游资,以及炒房炒金等投机资本导入直接融资平台(包括OTC),做大做强资本市场,化解银行庞大的信贷压力及潜在风险,进而使资本市场成为经济转型、产业升级的重要纽带或枢纽。A股“慢牛”新征程的启动,就在脚下、就在眼前,或许就在2014年1月的IPO重启之后。(喜力国际 记者 周小苑)(责任编辑:admin)